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Elise & John — Minted




Additional Details

Capture Every Moment

John and Elise ask that you document elements of their wedding along with them. Please tag your photos and videos on social media with #meanttobemcmillan in order to collect all the images in the same place. Record everything from invitations to your favorite dessert of the wedding weekend!

Other Things To Do Over the Wedding Weekend

Knoxville is known for its Dogwood trees and they should be coming into bloom over John and Elise’s wedding weekend. The link immediately below outlines what is scheduled for the Dogwood Arts Festival the weekend of the wedding. The Dogwood Trails and Gardens are something to see if you have the chance!

The Market Square Farmers’ Market is located in the middle of the suggested hotels and all the wedding weekend events. It has been named one of the best in the country!

Food tours showcasing Knoxville’s Southern and Appalachian cuisine are a great way to see Downtown while enjoying a progressive meal. This tour will even add pairings from local craft beer breweries, wine flights, craft cocktails, Tennessee whiskey, or moonshine:

Local breweries are growing in popularity in Knoxville! You can see what the fuss is all about:

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical is playing at the beautifully restored Tennessee Theater the Friday before and Sunday after the wedding: